Disability Rights Hawaii


Disability Rights Hawaii (DRH) is a grassroots non-profit disability rights organization, incorporated in 1992. The purpose, as stated in our Bylaws is


to educate the public to the legal rights and needs of persons with disabilities; to advocate for the improvement of the quality of life of persons with disabilities, and to work toward the implementation of the ADA of 1990 and other similar legislation, and to do so in a way consistent with Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



Newsletters are sent out prior to DRH’s bimonthly meetings. The meetings are usually scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month in even-numbered months. For 2019, we are planning for meetings on the following dates, at the ADRC building at 1055 Kinoole St. in Hilo, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. DRH was organized in Hilo, Hawaii, and that’s where we do most of our work. But we advocate at the County, State, and Federal levels, and we have members across the state of Hawaii and a few on the mainland. Everyone is welcome.


Scheduled DRH meetings for 2019:  

February    6

April          3

June           5

August       7

October      2

December  4


Officers and Board of Directors (as of January 2019) are as follows:


President and Director: Daniel Grant-Johnson         Telephone 961-5601 (messages)

Vice President and Director: Chris Cholas               ccholas@hawaii.rr.com

Secretary and Director: Ron Amundson                   ronald@hawaii.edu

Treasurer and Director: Laura Tobosa

Director: Kauila Haumea

Director: Linda Toms Barker

Director: Martin Hodapp


The DRH Newsletters are primarily produced as email, but are also available in hard copy and large print if requested. If you wish to be on our emailing list use our contact information below.


NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME: Use one of the following contacts:


Email: ronald@hawaii.edu            Ron Amundson, Secretary


Telephone: (808) 961-5601           Danny Grant-Johnson, President (messages)


Disability Rights Hawaii

441 Haili St.

Hilo, HI  96720


For more current and interactive web action, go to the Facebook page for “Disability Rights Hawaii”. Another FB group that many of us share is the activist group “Squeaky Wheels Hawaii” (see their logo on the graphic at the top of this page).



PDF copies of recent Newsletters are available below. For earlier Newsletters, email ronald@hawaii.edu. (We have about a hundred old Newsletters since 2002, a similar number of texts of Snail-mailed copies from 1993 to 2002. We will donate these to the Library of Congress, if they ask nicely.)

Click here for the January 2018 Newsletter.


... the March 2018 Newsletter.


... the May 2018 Newsletter.


... the July 2018 Newsletter.


... the September 2018 Newsletter.


... the November 2018 Newsletter.


Other Organizations supporting Disability Rights:


--       DRH is not Hawaii Disability Rights Center, although we support their activities. Hawaii Disability Rights Center is at http://hawaiidisabilityrights.org, or emailed at info@ that URL. Or call (808) 949-2928 or (toll free) (1-800) 882-1057. They have paid staff and an attorney on board: we do not. They will schedule you for a telephone interview before they accept your case. Do it.

--       The Disability and Communication Access Board is the State agency that coordinates ADA and other Hawaii accessibility legal issues, especially for State agencies. They are online at http://health.hawaii.gov/dcab/, (808) 586-8121, and dcab@doh.hawaii.gov. They have little power over private accessibility complaints (restaurants, apartments, etc.) But consider ...

--       The Federal Department of Justice ADA site: https://www.ada.gov/ Mostly educational, but you can file a complaint, and maybe the government will begin to pay attention to us again at some time in the future.


Some of our other Disability Rights Concerns:


DRH supports making all houses visitable by persons with disabilities. AARP describes this issues as “Aging in Place”. We are in agreement with AARP, but some of us are disabled but not aged. (Although we expect to become aged, as time goes on.) For more information on Visitability click here


Come to a DRH meeting and tell us what you think are the important issues!!!